SEO - Search Engine Optimisation

What it is

Your targeted customers expect your website to come up in searches. Search engines match keywords and phrases used in requests with content from definitive webpages. The ranking for your website will be determined relatively to the accuracy of the request. If your webpages are not set up correctly, even a search for your company name may not rank your site at the top of the page results.

What we do for you?

We prepare by establishing keywords and phrases that are being searched most often by your target consumer. We analyse and update your pages’ labels, tags, structure, to maximize search matches. Content from your webpages will be identified and applied as keywords to reach your customers. To strengthen your pages organic ranking, content within may be enhanced to include popular keywords and phrases. Our content creators will manage updates to your website, or we can work with your current web designer. SEO is an ongoing process, as countless businesses contend for position. Monthly reports from Porpos will enable you to track progress and decide what amendments to make as your website moves up in position.

What you get?

Research & Analysis - Identifying Keyword Opportunities - On site coding & implementation - Copywriting & implementation - Speed & website performance - Marketing & Link building - Rankings report & tracking